FSL Sci Fi Dark Mats DAZ 4.5

FSL Sci Fi Dark Mats DAZ 4.5

FSL SciFi Dark Materials is a unique set of Science Fiction inspired textiles, metals, futuristic, and alien materials. This set is great for creating all of your dark and sinister science fiction scenes and with these shaders, you can easily turn pieces from different outfits into a beautifuly coordinated ensemble.

Use the included mat poses for one-click convenience, try the included utility poses with your own diffuse maps, or modify the base textures for nearly endless options!

FSL Sci Fi Dark Materials includes the following:

40 base textures
15 partial utility poses for tiling any shader to various sizes
40 partial utility poses for using the base textures with your own diffuse
10 partial utility poses to apply transmaps only
12 partial presets to apply glow settings only
10 partial presets for using the SSS versions of some textures with your own diffuse

200 full mat poses, organized as follows:

30 Enviro - Environmental textures and stones,
40 Metals - metals and metallic tiles
50 futuristic - cerasteels, glow textures, plasti-glasses, and tiles
50 Textile - fabrics, meshes, mails, and rubbers
30 Xeno - alien inspired textures and slimes


50 SSS versions of the above shaders, where the SSS shaders make the most difference

The included mat poses are for DAZ 4.5 and up; the SSS mats will only work in DAZ 4.6 with Age of Armour's Subsurface shader installed.

Additional products used in promotional images:


Aether Hair by 3Dream and Mairy from Renderosity
Flat Top Hair by HellBoySoto


Alien Corridors by 3-D-C from Renderosity
Air Castle by 1971s from Renderosity
Mapps HC5 Alien Infestation by Mapps and RichardPhotos from Renderosity
Mapps HC6 Dead Space by Mapps and RichardPhotos from Renderosity
Hell Hound Cyber Dog by Coflek-Gnorg from Renderosity
Old Sewer Station by Applejack from Renderosity
Castillo Del Diablo from DAZ3D
Cista Sanguis from DAZ3D
Killzones The Pipe from DAZ3D
Mystic Touch Staffs from DAZ3D
Dinokonda from DAZ3D
Technopolis from DAZ3D
Space Bones' Water Objs (turned into DAZ props by Sickleyield) available FREE at ShareCG


Heartache by Sickleyield from the Haven Digital
Sicklefuse Supertights from Renderosity
SY Tops Pack 01 for Genesis from Renderosity
Sickleyield Outdoor Vest G by Sickleyield from Renderosity
Sickleyield Warrior Harnesses by Sickleyield from Renderosity
Sickle Fingerless Gloves, available FREE at Renderosity
Evilson from DAZ3D
Dead Nation Boots by Sickleyield and Marieah from DAZ3D
Riding Habit by Sickleyield and Marieah from DAZ3D
Steampunk Wilde for Genesis from DAZ3D
Oskarsson's Galaxy for Genesis from DAZ3D
Artemis X for Genesis from DAZ3D
Raquel for Genesis from DAZ3D
Barbarian Warlord from DAZ3D
Andromeda's Legend from DAZ3D
Jade Assassin for Genesis from DAZ3D
Hyper-Suit for Genesis from DAZ3D
Future Cop from DAZ3D
Marauders from DAZ3D
Sci-fi Candy from DAZ3D
Supersuit from DAZ3D


FSL Action Genesis by Fuseling from Renderosity
P3d Jeffrey by P3Design from Renderosity
Mystaria by Kaleya from Renderosity (textures and mats only)
Genesis morphs from DAZ3D

Product requirements

Daz Studio 4.5, Daz Studio 4.6
Any image manipulation program
2D and Merchant Resources for Daz Studio