The Contessa Hair

The Contessa Hair

Every Hero needs a Villain. Every REAL Hero needs a Villainess! Someone to be tempted by, someone that seduces him with the darkness of his own soul, someone who is both devastatingly cruel, and painfully beautiful. Someone who makes the choice between darkness and light so much more... difficult. Make your hero's choice that much more difficult with.... The Contessa


Contessa Hair (cr2 and obj)
19 DS Hair Material Presets
19 Poser Mat Poses
19 Poser Material Files
High Resolution Textures with bump and displacement maps

Product Includes:

The Contessa Hair is offered with morphs for fitting Aiko4 and TheGirl4, plus numerous 'Fit' Morphs included to allow for fitting adjustments to 3rd party morphs/characters.

The Contessa Hair also contains numerous ghost joints for smooth motion of different sections of hair for the smoothest poses.

Included textures for the hair clip are specifically designed to match the Contessa Outfit pieces.

  • One dangerous WWI German inspired uniform.
  • One scandalous WWI Bulgarian inspired uniform.
  • One steamy Military Green inspired uniform

19 Beautiful High Resolution Hair textures in a wide range of colors.

Additional Notes:

The UV maps have been done in UVlayout to give the greatest ease possible for texturer expansions.

Used in the promotional images: VH Lemon by Godin (RDNA)

A team born of some of RDNA's Top Artists, and brought to you exclusively at RDNA, this line of PRO tools is sure to become a favorite in your rendering arsenal.

Product Details:

Poser Version: 6+
Daz Studio: DS Compatible
Zip Files: 2
Date Added: Mar 21, 2014

Product requirements

Victoria 4

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser