It's time to GET WET!!!! So dive right in and treat your runtime to a great looking one-piece swimsuit with ballet-style water shoes for Victoria 4, with fits for the ++, Elite, and Aiko4 body shapes. The set comes with 3 different kinds of textures as well: sporty, sultry and summer florals. Just take your pick, it is perfect for those summertime renders of Vicky hanging out at the beach or pool. But don't limit yourself to just thinking fun in the sun at the beach, the outfit goes great with a top and a skirt - or a pair of jeans. A super sexy look for the casual on the go or when it's time to GetWet!

This set includes:
~ GetWet Swimsuit (cr2)
~ GetWet Water Shoes (cr2)
~ 12 texture MATs for Swimsuit (pz2)- 4000x4000
~ 5 texture MATs for Water Shoes (pz2)- 4000x4000
~ Utility Pose(s) for zeroing V4 pose, turning IK OFF, resetting Clothing to default, and magnetizing the clothing to V4. (pz2)
The Swimsuit and Water Shoes are designed to work (super-conform) with the following V4 morph(s):
~ ++ Morphs (This includes: All Body Shapes, except Heavy & Emaciated; The ++ Breasts Morphs; The ++ Partial Body Morphs compatible to the clothing item.)
~ The 4 Aiko 4 Body Shapes (Aiko4, Petite, Realistic, Stylized)
~ The 3 Elite Body Shapes (UtopianBody, FantasiaBody, SylphBody) and the GenitalCrease2 (swimsuit)

# In Addition to the V4 morphs, the clothing has the following specialty morphs:
~ ADJ - Adjustment morphs - for adjusting the fit of the clothing and correcting any poke-thru that might happen with certain poses or certain FBM combinations being used.
~ Pose - Morphs used to pose the clothing, such as lower an arm strap, etc., while conformed to the V4 the figure or when used as a stand alone item (see NC)
~ NC - Not Conformed - morphs used to pose the clothing as a stand along figure when NOT CONFORMED to V4. (The morphs may still work when the clothing is conformed to V4 but best results are obtained when the clothing is not conformed.)
TakeOff_In Series - in the Swimsuit. Applying the morphs in series (ie one after another, without resetting the previous morph) creates the action of taking the swimsuit off starting with the right strap all the way down to the swimsuit on the floor. Reversing the morph action can be done to simulate putting the swimsuit on. These morphs may be used with the swimsuit conformed or not conformed to V4. In either instance, it is usually best to start with V4 in a ZERO POSE and then pose her to match the morph action.
System Requirements:
PC and Mac compatible
Supported Software:
Poser 7 up, Daz Studio 3.1 up

Product requirements

Victoria 4.2 Base, Victoria 4.2 Morphs++

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser