Kung Fu School - SW

Kung Fu School - SW

A fully-equipped Kung-Fu School for all your training needs.
You can't just practice with a legendary sword, so this set includes practice weapons (with 'new' or 'used' textures).
The break-board and bricks morph for different break options.
The training dummy has realistic limited movement in the arms and leg as well as optional pads for a more modern look.
The building features opening doors at the front and back (with sliding bars and swinging handles).
2 long tables, a tall table, a master's chair, and a stool make up the furniture and the decorative elements are rounded off by a vase, an urn (of the late master's ashes) and a photo (of the late master) in a frame.
The walls and roof have optional 'clean' or 'dirty' textures. They can also be individually hidden to help with lighting/camera placement.
There are 4 sign options for different schools of Kung Fu, and a blank sign for you to make your own.
And of course there are preload files to load the school, various prop-sets and a Pre-All to load everything (system intensive - you are advised to delete props that don't show up in your render window.
Only Iray materials provided.
No postwork on promotional images except to add text - lit with default sun+sky or an HDRI.

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