MotionArtist Motion Comics Software

MotionArtist Motion Comics Software

MotionArtist, Imagine. Create. Share.

MotionArtist allows you to tell a story in motion, whether it be a comic, a business presentation, or an animated slide show of your latest family picnic. Integrate static assets into a full-blown presentation and share on Facebook, YouTube, or to your personal channel on

MotionArtist can be used with many types of content and solve the needs of different workflows. Here are examples of how you can use MotionArtist to create engaging and interactive presentations:

You’ve drawn a comic and want to add motion and interactivity to that comic? Scan each page of the comic and import into MotionArtist.

You have photos, videos, and audio clips that have already been created in other software? Bring them into MotionArtist to combine them in a unique way.

You want to create a simple animated presentation for business or for a family event? Construct it in MotionArtist with pictures, movies, music, voice narration, and text.

MotionArtist Features & Benefits

MotionArtist is a composition and presentation tool that is primarily designed for comic artists. You can create typical panel-based comics and add animation to them.

Create Your Own Motion Comics

Create HTML-based interactive digital comics, graphic novels and presentations that are built around comic panels and comic layouts.

Easily Create Interactive Presentations

Your presentations can have animation, sound, and titling. Use Motion Assist and make animating a simple drag-and-drop process. You can export your projects as movies or in HTML format.

Automate Your Comic Panels

Comic style panel creation tools allow you to create panels of just about any shape. You can go back and resize, duplicate, rotate, align, and cut the panels at any time. Working modes and views are laid out with comic creators in mind.

Add Word Balloons & Text

Word balloons and dynamic text are vector-based. You can easily add or edit thought bubbles, dialog boxes and text at any time.

Create Your Own Photo Shows

Photo shows are simple and easy to create, through automated object placement and camera movement. Easily arrange images or pictures with an automatic camera to instantly create compelling slideshows and presentations. Add HTML5 interactivity for a complete, immersive experience.

Import layered Photoshop Files and Anime Studio Files

Import images, video, and audio of just about any size and type, including 1080p video and high-resolution photographs and images. Layered Photoshop files and Anime Studio files are also supported.

HTML5 Interactivity

Create fully interactive presentations of your comics and ideas. Link url's, audio, and images as interactive elements. Embed your project directly into a webpage or add it to existing HTML content.

Export To Your Heart’s Content

MotionArtist features a new approach to animation for non-animators. We’ve hidden the technical stuff, and brought the animation process forward in an intuitive visual manner. Export standard video files and share them on YouTube and Facebook, or save them out as HTML5 with interactive animation.

Other Amazing Features

64-bit support on both Mac and Windows computers. Wacom multi-touch gesture tablet support. Improved usability and functionality through multiple feature enhancements and bug fixes.

3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser