Rabid Hood for M4

Rabid Hood for M4

Michael waits outside the inn, his head bowed to hide his face. His hood, well worn and old helps to hide his fear as well as the scars on his face that would give him away. He promised to do this one last job but he has a bad feeling this time...a very bad feeling.

Rabid Hood is a conforming hood for M4. The hood includes 15 adjustment morphs and two extra bones for movement of the hood droop. Three dirty textures are included in the pack; two leather and one cloth.One morphing hood figure for Michael 4 for use in Poser 8+ and Daz Studio 3+

Poser PZ2 files

Daz Studio DSA files

Large resolution JPG textures

Bump and displacement on all textures

15 adjustment morphs

Old leather texture

Cracked leather texture

Coarse weave texture

back out all
back out middle
back out top
cheeks in
chin out
face open left
face open right
front out left
front out right
front up left
front up right
tail out
tail out left
tail out right
tail up

Product requirements

Michael 4

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Daz Studio and Poser