Soundtracks from the space

Soundtracks from the space

Soundtracks from the space is specially adapted to create sound ambiances whose qualifiers: strange, heavy, spatial, distressing and why not relaxing are quite appropriate.
The songs are delivered in two formats: .WAV (1411 bits/s) and .MP3 (320 Kbits/s). The uncompressed .WAV format will be greatly appreciated because it can be imported without loss into any software capable of importing sound.

You can pre-listen to the 10 samples of the tracks (20sec) by following the link below (quality MP3 192 Kbits/s):

- What you can do with the tracks: Incorporate into your commercial video montages, commercial video games, etc ...
- What you do not have the right to do with the tracks: Redistribute sound files alone, in any audio format, even rectified, cut, compressed, etc...

Track list:

01 Anomalously strange (05:15)
02 Arrival in the black hole (03:41)
03 Bouncing to infinity (04:27)
04 Distant galaxy (04:43)
05 Exodus space (02:52)
06 Jump on the star (04:56)
07 New planet (04:12)
08 Offset time space (03:03)
09 The flying brain (03:30)
10 The visitor NX515 (05:51)

Requirements:  Any program that can play .wav or .mp3 audio files

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