Fairytale Unicorn for DAZ Studio

Fairytale Unicorn for DAZ Studio

The unicorn is such a delightful and ethereal figure.
It comes from myths and legends.
Use these pretty fairytale textures to create your own wonderland image.
These textures are for DAZ Studio 4.6 only

Product Includes:

7 full textures which will change the skin, eyes including eyelashes and the horn and hooves

7 full alternate textures with a different bump pattern

I white scaled skin texture which you can easily recolour by changing the diffuse

7 different textures for all the hairs

7 skin textures and 7 skin texturess with a different bump pattern

7 candy cane textures for the horn and hooves to match the skin textures

5 metallic textures for the both the horn and hooves

Additional Notes:

Our grateful thanks to Daoi for her permission to use her lovely bump map texture.

As stated these textures are for DAZ Studio, but we will be producing the same textures for poser

the files are in a My Library format

these textures will of course also work on the Unicorn Youth the second addition to this gorgeous family

Product Details:

Daz Studio: DAZ Studio 4.6
Date Added: Apr 2, 2014

Product requirements

The Unicorn ir The Unicorn: Youth and DAZ Studio4.6

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Daz Studio