15 Snow Covered Rocks Iray Shaders - Merchant Resource

15 Snow Covered Rocks Iray Shaders - Merchant Resource

15 Snow Covered Rocks Iray Shaders.

This is a high definition set of snow-covered rocks Iray shaders for winter scenes.

In this set you will find the following:

- 15 highly detailed rocks and stone covered in snow.
- Albedo/Normal/Glossiness/Roughness maps are included.
- 15 Displacement maps are included but do not form part of the shader settings.
- PBR textures optimized for Iray.
- 2048 x 2048 pixels in size.

The textures have been designed for Iray but can also be used with 3Delight if you tweak the settings.

How to use the Shader Presets?

Load any material surface that you would like to have the shader applied to. Then select the preset from the folder and apply.

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DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

Requirements:  Daz Studio Iray or any program that can work with texture maps

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