ABC Genetics for Genesis 8 Male - addon

ABC Genetics for Genesis 8 Male - addon

Now you can have Alex, Benicio and Coilin in the G8M version! This product contains:

Alex: Head and Body morph and skins presets *
Benicio: Head and Body morph and skins presets *
Coilin: Head and 2 Body morphs (Nordic god shape and dad body shape) and skins presets *

- 3 Head mophs
- 4 Body morphs
- Iray Textures presets *

* This product does not include textures. The textures are acquired with the products: Alex for G3M, Benicio for G3M and Coilin for G3M. The textures were designed for Genesis 3 Male, but Daz Studio 4.10 adapts these textures to the Genesis 8 male models.
The textures for Genesis 3 Male Anatomical Elements (Genitalia) can be used in Genesis 8 Male, which must be purchased Genesis 8 Male Anatomical Elements only purchased by buying Michael/Darius/Lucas/Owen 8 Pro Bundle.
Or it can be used in another genitalia for G8M that supports the textures of Genesis 3 male.


These morphs have different proportions (height, shoulder width and etc) to the Genesis 8 Male Base or Michael 8 Male. So when using poses or animations for G8M, small adjustments are probably necessary. For example, it would be like using Owen poses on a Darius character, one should adjust position of the hand, legs or head and etc.

"I do not have just one or none of these G3M characters. Can I get this product?"

If you do not have any of these characters: Alex, Benicio, Coilin for G3M and purchase this product, only the morphs worked and the skins presets will only work when you acquire the G3M character.

In my Sketchfab page you can preview the morphs in 3D:

Alex G8M morphs-
Benicio G8M morphs-
Coilin G8M (nordic god shape) morphs-
Coilin G8M (dad body shape) morphs-

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Required Products: Benicio for Genesis 3 Male, Alex for Genesis 3 Male, Coilin for G3M

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio