Amazon Equestrians - Warriors

Amazon Equestrians - Warriors

She’s riding out of the Myths and Mists of Time.

Amazon Equestrians - Warriors is a troop of 18 pairs of rider & horse combat actions, plus 18 partial rider sitting poses. 54 poses in all. Riders are posed to accept a variety of weapons.

Conversion seating poses for all 17 G2 Female characters are included.

These poses were designed for the DAZ Horse 2 and Genesis 2 Female/Victoria 6. G2F characters range in body size from 90% to 103%. All of these ladies have quite a variety of body shapes and proportions. All character morphs will not seamlessly assume the V6 rider poses.

The partial rider poses will place all G2F characters in position on a galloping horse back, custom-fitted for size, shape, and proportion. You can apply any V6 rider pose to any G2F and then apply the partial pose for a specific character. This will make it easier to adjust different characters to the galloping horses. Some tweaking may be needed for arms in contact with the horse due to the different proportions. Galloping horse poses vary with each rider. Most rider poses will work with most horses by raising or lowering the rider and leaning her forward or back. Poses can work with G2 Males with adjustments.

Software: Daz Studio 4

Base Figures:  Genesis, Genesis 2 Female

Requirements:  DAZ Horse 2, Genesis 2 Female characters compatible but notrequired

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio