Bryce 7.1 Pro - Small World HDRI

Bryce 7.1 Pro - Small World HDRI

This set gives you the tools to create macro renders, small objects in front of a natural backdrop that is out of focus. A macro photograph uses a narrow depth of field setting, only the object - a beetle, a spider, a flower - is sharp on the picture but foreground and background are blurred. Small objects are usually on the ground.

Provided are blurred HDRIs with nice Bokeh taken at the height between knee and hip of an adult person, not as usually done at eye level; nearer to the ground, nearer to the foliage fallen from the trees, nearer to the grass blades.

We explain how a ground can be created from the HDRI on which insects and small animals can be put and cast natural shadows without tricks. From the ground extends a world with trees above and the sky. You can also drill a hole into the ground, if you wish. It is based on the Ready-To-Render (RTR) method and gives great result without much labor.

Example scene files are explained in videos and cover quite a lot of tricks. A few rendered scenes using purchased content are included to give you some ideas what you can do with this set and inspire your own imagination.

What's Included and Features

  • Bryce 7.1 Pro - Small World HDRI
    • 12 Scene Files (.BR7 and .BMP)
    • 9 Videos (.MP4)
      • 8 Covering the 12 Example Files
      • 1 Introduction to the HDRI and Rendered Examples
    • 11 HDRI as Angular Maps (.HDR)
      • 4 High Resolution with 3840 px Diameter
      • 4 Low Resolution with 1280 px Diameter
      • 3 Specular Convolved with 800 px Diameter
    • 9 Images (JPG)
      • 7 Example Renders
      • 2 Showing camera position for panorama
    • 3 QTVR (.MOV) interactive panoramas showing the HDRI scene
    • 3 documents (.PDF)
      • 1 Specific
      • 2 Generic
    • 9 Text Files (.TXT)
      • 3 Information About the HDRI
      • 6 Listing the Content in the Folders


  • This product includes:
    • 1 Bryce Installer

Compatible Software:


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