Cheongsam Dress for Dawn

Cheongsam Dress for Dawn

The Cheongsam Dress is a traditional Chinese dress for Dawn, Sora and CatsEyes, designed for extra versatility. Compatible with Poser 10+r.

The Cheongsam dress (Cantonese "cheuhngsaam") is a traditional Mandarin outfit that is known as the quintessential Chinese national dress. Also known as "Qipao" in northern China, it originated from the dress of Manchurian women, and is commonly made of silk with a Mandarin collar, with slits on both sides of the skirt. The dress has a diagonal opening from the neck to the right armhole, and is designed to be closed by fastening frog buttons on the right front side.

The original cheongsam (or qipao) used to be a wide and loose garment that covered most of the body, but the modern design evolved to a tighter shape that conforms to the female form. The modern cheongsam is worn at Chinese celebrations and festivities. In some Chinese offices, stores and schools, it is also worn as formal wear, or as part of a uniform.

The dress can be used as super-conforming, or semi-conforming, and the dress materials allow you to set your own colors for cloth and pattern individually. Includes 6 body handles, plus tutorials for semi-conforming and the versatile materials.

What's Included and Features:

  • Figures (.cr2)
    • Super-conforming Cheongsam Dress (Can optionally be used as semi-conformed!)
      • 6 body handles to freely pose the lower part of the dress
      • 2 Helper poses to show/hide body handles
  • Morphs
    • Body Shapes
      • BodyYoung
      • BodyVoluptuous
      • BodyToned
      • BodyTall
      • BodySuperModel
      • BodyPetite
      • BodyPear
      • BodyHag
      • BodyEmaciated
      • BodyDefinition
      • BodyChubby
      • BodyBulk
      • BodyBuilder2
      • BodyBuilder
      • BodyAmazon
      • BodyAged
      • BodyEmaciated
    • Body Parts
      • WaistWidth
      • WaistNarrow
      • ThighWidth
      • ThighThin
      • ThighFull
      • ThighCurveOutside
      • LegsLength
      • HipsRounded
      • HipsFull
      • ShouldersNarrow
      • ShoulderSize
    • Breast Shapes
      • CleavageAdjustment
      • BreastNatural
      • BreastLarge1
      • BreastLarge2
      • BreastLarge3
      • BreastLarge4
      • BreastCupE
      • BreastCupD
      • BreastCupB
      • BreastCupA
      • BreastConfinedR
      • BreastConfinedL
      • BreastConfined
      • BreastCleavageTop
      • BreastCleavageSmooth
      • BreastCleavageCenter
    • Sora
      • SoraBody
      • SoraWaistThin
    • CatsEyes
      • CatsEyesBody
      • CatsEyesBody_HipRounded
      • CatsEyesBody_BreastsWide
      • CatsEyesBody_BreastsApart
  • Materials (.mc6)
    • 33 Material presets
      • Pattern 1: 7 color presets (4096 x 4096)
      • Pattern 2: 14 color presets (4096 x 4096)
      • Pattern 3: 12 color presets (4096 x 4096)
      • 1 Default material preset
  • Video Tutorials
    • How to use the dress as semi-conforming
    • How to customize the cloth and pattern colors individually
    • Links included to larger You-Tube versions of the videos
SKU 11647
Genre Eastern
Compatible Figures Dawn Special Edition
Compatible Software Poser 10+
Release Date Aug 21, 2017
Compatible figures: 
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