Circlets of Men

Circlets of Men

Circlets of Men is a set of seven different circlets that have been designed with men in mind. Now your elves, dwarves, barbarian lords, hippies, and anyone else you can dream of can adorn themselves with that perfect finishing touch. The only limit is your imagination! Compatible with Poser

These circlets have specially fitted to work on M4, V4, Dusk and Dawn, so indeed women can wear them too! However, one need not own any of these figures in order to be able to make use of the circlets since they can work on just about any figure with some minor adjusting.

Care and consideration has been put into these models so they can look good with close-up renders.

What's Included & Features

  • Props (.pp2)
    • 7 Smart Prop Circlets, parented to the head
      • Dragon
      • Harmony
      • Lunar
      • Men
      • Shire
      • Underhill
      • Vagabone
    • Materials (.mc6)
      • 3 Material Sets for each Ccirclet. (21 sets total)

    Please note that the included shaders have been optimized to work only in versions of Poser 9 and above. The circlets themselves can be used in any version of Poser - however, manual adjusting of the shaders will be needed. For this reason, Poser 9 or above is required to make full use of this product.

SKU 10894
Genre Fantasy, Historical
Compatible Figures Dawn, Dusk, Victoria 4, Michael 4
Compatible Software Poser 9+
Release Date Jul 20, 2015
Compatible figures: 
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