The Comprehensive Guide to Rigging Tools in Daz Studio

The Comprehensive Guide to Rigging Tools in Daz Studio

The Comprehensive Guide to Rigging Tools in Daz Studio was created to aid content creators in the form of an all-around PDF file containing a description of each and every tool and its options available in Daz Studio for the purpose of Rigging a figure.

This PDF provides documentation of each and every option for the following tools:

- Joint Editor
- Geometry Editor
- Node Weight Map brush
- Figure Setup (excluding Parametric Joints (legacy)
- Transfer Utility

Additionally, the guide also provides tips and use cases for the above mentioned tools.

Along with it come descriptions of how to perform the following procedures:

- Rigging
- Weight Mapping
- Geografting
- Rigidity
- Pose Control Creation

This guide was written for version 4.9 Pro of Daz Studio. If you are using an earlier version some of the described tools and features might not be available to you or might exist under different naming conventions. If you are using a later version, some of this information might be outdated and some new features might not be included in the guide.

The information in this guide should be currently compatible with version 4.9 Pro and beta releases. Be aware that Beta versions of the software might present issues with each new beta release, hence it is advised to use the 4.9 stable version for maximum stability.

What's Included and Features

  • 1 PDF file with the following Content: (.PDF)
  • The Basics:
    • What is a Rig?
    • Naming Conventions for Bones
    • Bone Hierarchy
    • What are Limits and Why use them?
    • What is a Weight Map?
  • Tools
  • Joint Editor
    • Preparation
    • Joint Editor Window:
      • The Shared Tab
      • The General Tab
      • The Bulge Tab
      • The Display Tab
    • Joint Editor Additional options Menu:
      • Customize Drawing
      • Create
      • Edit
      • Delete
      • Rotation Order
      • Align
      • Snap
      • Memorize
      • Restore
  • Geometry Editor:
    • Selection Types and Radius Tab
    • Grouping Tab
      • Rigidity
    • Details Tab
    • Geometry Editor Additional options Menu:
      • Selection Type
      • Selection Mode
      • Geometry Selection
      • Geometry Visibility
      • Geometry Locking
      • Geometry Editing
      • Geometry Assignment
      • Morph Editing
      • Subdivision Weight
  • Node Weight Map Brush
    • Selection Types and Brush modes:
      • Geometry Selection Mode
      • Paint Brush and Smooth Brush Modes
      • Directional Gradient Mode
      • Sphere Gradient Mode
    • Weight Maps Tab:
      • Map Types
      • Bulge Maps
    • Locking Tab
    • Selection Analysis Tab
      • How to use Selection Analysis
    • Binding Tab
    • Normalize Tab
    • Node Weight Map Brush Additional options Menu:
      • Brush Mode
      • Brush Falloff
      • Gradient Falloff
      • Gradient Handles
      • Gradient Editing
      • Selection Type
      • Selection Mode
      • Geometry Selection
      • Geometry Visibility
      • Geometry Locking
      • Weight Display
      • Weight Editing
  • Figure Setup
    • Rigging Type:
      • TriAx Weighted
      • Parametric (Legacy)
    • Content Type
    • Geometry List
    • Relationships:
      • Creating and Assigning Bones
      • Rotation order and Weight Maps
      • Regions
    • Figure Setup Additional options Menu
    • Finalizing Options
  • Transfer Utility Tool
  • Property Hierarchy:
    • What are Pose Controls
    • Creating Pose Controls:
      • ERC Freeze Options
      • Step by Step process
      • Saving Pose Controls
  • Process Overview
    • Rigging a New Object
      • Preparing the Mesh
      • Setting up Face Groups and Surfaces
      • Rigging the Figure
      • Weight Mapping Process
      • Testing and Setting up Limits
      • Saving the Figure as a Support Asset
      • Creating Pose Controls
      • Final Touches
    • Rigging a Follower for an Existing Figure
      • Preparing the Mesh
      • Transfer Utility
      • Performing Tests and Applying Fixes
    • Creating a Geograft
      • Preparing the Geograft Mesh
      • Transfer Utility and SubD Modifier
      • Performing the Graft
      • Common Geograft Problems
    • Modifying Existing Figures


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
  • Additional Products used in Promo Images:
    • Freak 5
    • Heracles for Genesis
    • Human Essentials for Iray

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.9

Install Types:

Install Manager, Manual Install

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