Epic Score - Extended License

Epic Score - Extended License


Epic Score is specially adapted to Fantasy, Medieval and epic scenes actions. Brass, powerful percussion, wind instruments and choirs will complement your epic movies as well as your fantasy video games.
The songs are delivered in two formats: .WAV (1411 bits/s) and .MP3 (320 Kbits/s). The uncompressed .WAV format will be greatly appreciated because it can be imported without loss into any software capable of importing sound.

You can pre-listen to the 9 samples of the tracks (30sec) by following the link below (quality MP3 320 Kbits/s):

- What you can do with the tracks: Incorporate into your commercial video montages, commercial video games, etc ...
- What you do not have the right to do with the tracks: Redistribute sound files alone, in any audio format, even rectified, cut, compressed, etc...

Track list:

1. The Valiant March [03:56]
2. Arrival To The Kingdom [03:52]
3. Gregorian Opus [04:43]
4. Warriors Dance [04:15]
5. The Three Sisters [03:28]
6. The Elves Of The Forest [02:30]
7. The Crazy Monks [03:39]
8. After [07:10]
9. Alone In The Field [05:19]


Files Included in the Product:

01- The Valiant March.mp3
02- Arrival To The Kingdom.mp3
03- Gregorian Opus.mp3
04- Warriors Dance.mp3
05- The Three Sisters.mp3
06- The Elves Of The Forest.mp3
07- The Crazy Monks.mp3
08- After.mp3
09- Alone In The Field.mp3

01- The Valiant March.wav
02- Arrival To The Kingdom.wav
03- Gregorian Opus.wav
04- Warriors Dance.wav
05- The Three Sisters.wav
06- The Elves Of The Forest.wav
07- The Crazy Monks.wav
08- After.wav
09- Alone In The Field.wav

Requirements:  Any program that can play .wav or .mp3 audio files

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