HiveWire Puppy

HiveWire Puppy

Adorable and expressive puppy morph and poses for the HiveWire Big Dog. Compatible with DAZ Studio 4.10+ and Poser 10+.

"Happiness is a warm puppy" - Charles M. Schulz. We could not agree more!

Cute, cuddly and curious, puppies warm the heart, inspire smiles and laughter, and remind us to take joy in the simple things in life. The adorable HiveWire Puppy comes with 72 Corrective Morphs and 10 expressive base poses.

Requires HiveWire Big Dog (12-21-2018 updated version or later) .

Requires DAZ Studio 4.10+ and/or Poser 10/Pro2014+

What's Included & Features

  • Puppy Base Morphs (.pz2, .dsf)
    • FBMPuppy (INJ/REM for Poser Version)
  • Poses (.duf, .pz2)
    • 3 Restore Poses
      • !Restore All
      • !Restore Head
      • !Restore Body
    • 10 Puppy Poses
      • 10 Puppy Poses
      • Puppy Pose 01
      • Puppy Pose 02
      • Puppy Pose 03
      • Puppy Pose 04
      • Puppy Pose 05
      • Puppy Pose 06A
      • Puppy Pose 06B
      • Puppy Pose 07
      • Puppy Pose 08
      • Puppy Pose 09
  • 72 Corrective Morphs
    • 52 JCMs
    • 28 MCMs

NOTE: All of the Puppy's morphs are located in the body group so that you don't have to hunt and peck around trying to find the master control dials for any body part morph.

Special Thanks to Sparky, the HiveWire Beta and QAV teams, and the loyal HiveWire 3D community, for their collaboration in the development of this figure!

SKU 11975
Compatible Figures HiveWire Big Dog
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.10+, Poser 10+/Pro2014
Release Date Dec 21, 2018
Compatible figures: 
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