Intimate Body Details for Genesis 8 Males and MR

Intimate Body Details for Genesis 8 Males and MR

Intimate Body Hair Options for Genesis 8 Males

This product includes:

- 18 Pubic Hair LIE Presets for the Genesis 8 Male Genital (15 for the pubis region and 3 for the scrotum)
- 5 Torso Pubic Hair LIE Presets for the pubis region for Genesis 8 Males (for use without the genital figure)

A wide variety of pubic hair styles for all Genesis 8 Males.
Since the presets are LAYERED IMAGE Presets they can be used with any Genesis 8 Male based character or base material.

You can also freely adjust the position in the LIE Editor. For a more dense look just apply the presets more than once.
Presets can also be combined for new styles. There are lots of possibilities.

The torso presets are great when you want to show some hair while wearing clothing and have no genital figure attached.

It is suggested that you use a skin material that has no has no pubic textures already, like Quinton for G8M.

This product is also a merchant resource you can use to create your own character materials.

Presets are optimized for the use with IRAY.

Textures Included: 

- 23 HiRes PNG images with transparent background (2048x2048 / 4096x4096)


- DAZ Studio 4.9 (with Iray) or later
- Michael 8 Pro Bundle (includes the genital) :

This product has been tested in DAZ Studio 4.9 (PC & Mac).
This product is for DAZ Studio only. Not tested in or recommended to be used with Poser.

Please refer to the ReadMe for usage hints and instructions.

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Male

Requirements:  Michael 8 Pro Bundle from Daz

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio