JaneEden's Dogs 2

JaneEden's Dogs 2

12 beautiful and realistic digitally hand painted dogs in .png file format, dog sizes 2500pixels x 2500pixels 300dpi. Apart from the German Shepherd which is 4173pixels x 2500pixels, the Golden Retriever 2000pixels x 2500pixels and Large Munsterlander 2850pixels x 2500pixels
BONUS - 1 digitally hand painted barrel for Saint Bernard 1500pixels x 1500pixels 300dpi

You can use these elements in any graphics programme that supports the .png file extension, including Photoshop and Paintshop Pro. They can also be imported into your favourite 3d programme, such as Poser and Daz Studio. Perfect for all your personal and commercial renders, including scrapbooking, and web design.
The dogs are painted at a high resolution and quality so that makes them great for printing artworks. Also great for printing onto apparel, or making greeting cards, stickers, fridge magnets, or presents printed onto many varied household goods. etc..

Requirements:  Any program that can open .png file

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio