Land-Escapes - Sky Scapes Vol 1

Land-Escapes - Sky Scapes Vol 1

Inspire your escape to lands of imagination! Background Images

"I looked up, trying to find the moon behind the thick cloud cover. I could feel its power pulling on my beast, making me pace restlessly. The night air ruffled cool fingertips through my sweat-laden hair, as though telling me to be patient just a little longer. And then, there! The full moon burst from behind the clouds, spilling silvery light across the landscape and across my waiting face. I howled in expectation as the change took me. Time to run, time to hunt." - Tarryn MoonHunter

Escape to Lands of Imagination!

4 Realistic painted mattes of imaginary lands. Sky Scapes Vol. 1 contains images that have the sky as the main focus.

These are simple jpgs and can be dropped into the Environments tab in Daz Studio or used as a background in Poser. They can be used as a texture on a primitive to make a background, on walls as pictures in a rendered room or through windows. They can be used in layers in your favorite art program to add a background to a rendered png image. And they can be painted directly on! Or you can just use them as wallpaper on your electronic device. Escape to elsewhere!

What's Included & Features

  • Images
    • Full Moon Sky (2058x4095)
    • Glorious Skies (1079x1449)
    • Moonlight on the Water (2000x2478)
    • Rainbows after Rain (1920x1920)
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Release Date Feb 26, 2019
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio