Malibu Outfit and Accessories

Malibu Outfit and Accessories

Malibu Outfit And Accessories is a complete set for the most fun beach and pinup scenes, that includes a customizable trikini, shoes, bracelet and beach ball, and 10 pose sets. You decide if you want an elegant trikini for the most exclusive beach parties, or a sexy and sassy pinup classic scene, or just having fun at the seashore playing with friends. A must have!

The incredibly versatile trikini includes hide options, so you can turn it into a bikini, a top, a pantie, or hide the jewels, the frills, and the hip ribbons. This, combined with the 8 full sets included, make possible to achieve lots of different looks and mix it with other clothing. The hip and neck ribbons can be moved in any direction to easily pose or simulate movement, gravity or animation.

The shoes auto-pose when added, and you also have the feet pose for use with any pose or reset them. They have 8 full material presets that match the trikini. The bracelet also matches the trikini, and the beach ball comes in 8 fun and typical finishes. Both bracelet and beach ball have their centers adjusted so you can easily move and rotate them.

There are 10 poses included, with matching poses for the Beach Ball, the Bracelet, and the Trikini (for the hip ribbons). Just apply the pose to Genesis 2 and to the props and clothing, and get a natural and fun look. Also included is the feet pose, to use the shoes easily with other poses, and there are morphs to pose the hip ribbons very easily.

The Trikini and the Shoes fit the most popular Genesis 2 Females (Monique 6, Keiko 6, Belle 6, Mei Lin 6, Lilith 6, Aiko 6, Gia 6, The Girl 6, Olympia 6, Stephanie 6, Teen Josie 6, Victoria 4 for Genesis 2 Female, Victoria 6, Giselle 6). Also includes adjustment morphs for use in Poser or DAZ Studio if needed, and all applicable Genesis 2 Female Evolution Morphs have been added. The Bracelet is adjustable by hand using the transform dials, and it's parented to the forearm.

All the set works both in DAZ Studio and Poser (with DSON Importer for Poser).

What's Included and Features

  • Malibu Outfit: (.DUF and .CR2)
  • Malibu Trikini
  • Malibu Shoes
  • Malibu Beach Ball
  • Malibu Bracelet
  • Supported Genesis 2 Shapes on Trikini and Shoes:
    • Monique 6
    • Keiko 6
    • Belle 6
    • Mei Lin 6
    • Lilith 6
    • Aiko 6
    • Gia 6
    • The Girl 6
    • Olympia 6
    • Stephanie 6
    • Teen Josie 6
    • Victoria 4 for Genesis 2 Female
    • Victoria 6
    • Giselle 6
    • Other Shapes supported in DAZ Studio by Auto-follow
  • Fitting features for Trikini and Shoes: (Bracelet fits manually)
    • Auto-Smooth to set smoothing and collision in DAZ Studio for auto-adjust
    • All Applicable Genesis 2 Female Evolution Morphs Included
    • Zero nipples icon for your character (although nipple morphs are included)
  • Poses: (.DUF and .PZ2)
    • 10 Poses For Genesis 2 Female(s)
    • 10 Matching Adjust Poses for the Trikini
    • 10 Matching Adjust Poses for the Bracelet
    • 10 Matching Position Poses for the Beach Ball
    • 01 Partial Feet Pose to use the shoes with other poses
    • Zero Pose for Genesis 2 Female(s)
    • Zero pose/morphs for the Trikini
    • Zero pose for the Beach Ball
    • Zero pose for the Bracelet
  • Material Options:
    • Trikini Materials:
      • Black Polka Dots
      • Black
      • Blue Flowers
      • Cherries
      • Denim
      • Golden Brown
      • Ivory
      • Red Polka Dots
      • Hide Frills
      • Hide Jewels
      • Hide Pantie
      • Hide Ribbons
      • Hide Top
      • Hide Vertical
    • Shoes Materials:
      • Black Polka Dots
      • Black
      • Blue Flowers
      • Cherries
      • Denim
      • Golden Brown
      • Ivory
      • Red Polka Dots
    • Beach Ball Materials:
      • Red and white
      • Light blue and white
      • Yellow and white
      • Red, blue, yellow and white
      • Orange and white
      • Turquoise and white
      • Dark blue and white
      • Multicolored
    • Bracelet Materials:
      • Black Polka Dots
      • Black
      • Blue Flowers
      • Blue
      • Golden Brown
      • Ivory
      • Marine
      • Red Polka Dots
  • Textures Include:
    • 12 Texture Maps (3072 x 3072)
    • 28 Texture, and Specular Maps (2048 x 2048)
    • 02 Texture, and Transparency Maps (1500 x 1500)
    • 02 Reflection Maps (1024 x 1024)
    • 03 Bump and Texture Maps (1000 x 1000)
    • 01 Reflection Map (800 x 750)
    • Texture Templates available through the Product Library
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets (.DUF)
  • Poser Custom materials collection Presets (.DUF and .MC6)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
      • 1 Poser Companion Files Installer
  • Additional Products used in Promo Images:
    • Wanda Hair
    • EJ Dolores

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 2 Female

Compatible Software:

DSON Importer for Poser, DAZ Studio 4.7

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio