Mst HDRI Plus Lighting for Daz/Iray

Mst HDRI Plus Lighting for Daz/Iray

This set contains 40 custom HDR environments with presets for variable settings and an assortment of additional lights.
Both traditional (photometric) and mesh lighting are included.
This kit is full of out-of-the-box lighting solutions and loads of tools to get you started to beautifully lit renders. From natural soft lighting to bold, brave colorful scenes.
Lighting can be further customized on the user end by changing dome positions, light translations/positions and scaling, base and emission colors, and light intesity settings, for almost unlimited possibilities.
Also included in this set are two (2) background props in flat and semi-cylindrical shapes,with a variety of material backgrounds.
Preset scene sub-sets are also included with complete lighting, recommended environments and cameras ideal for portraits and promos. (Adjustments may be necessary, depening on poses and characters used.)

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