Musica Fantasia

Musica Fantasia

Music should strike fire from the heart of man, and bring tears from the eyes of woman.

-Ludwig van Beethoven-

Antonio Stradivari 1644 - December 18, 1737

His Violins Considered as the greatest and finest violins ever made. Till today they are standard in form, sound and beauty.


The Violin is a homage for the great Master and famous Luthier Antonio Stradivari.

Beautiful details on the mesh. Modeled after Photos from famous Stradivari Violins.

High Resolution Texture Maps.Textures were carefully painted in Photoshop and Substance painter.

Using original references from real Stradivari instruments.

The Panflute was created with the same attention for detail like the violin. Old Celtic Pan Flutesimages was taken for reference.

Basic Poses for the Violin and Pan Flute for V4, M4, Dawn and Dusk.

Full Pose , upper and lower pose.

Violin as pp2 and obj file

Violin bow as pp2 and obj file

Pan Flute as pp2 and obj file

1 Basic pose for V4,M4,Dawn and Dusk for the Violine and Pan Flute. Full and as upper and lower Poses.

Violin, Bow, Panflute comes as zero prop and parented props for each character.

14 Texture maps from 512-2048

11 Speculator maps from 1024-2048

Poser Version: 9+
Zip Files 1(12 564Kb)
Requires: Poser or any other software which can open obj files
Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio