Natural Hi-Low & Private G2F

Natural Hi-Low & Private G2F

Natural Hi & Low goes Genesis 2 Female(s) and adds Privates!

1 click custom genital shapes + custom breast shapes + custom low shapes + custom utilities for G2F


• 10 custom breast shapes + 10 zero
• 6 custom low shapes + 6 zero
• 8 custom genital shapes + 8 zero
• 2 custom gravity On-Off shapes
• 1 custom cleavage open On-Off shape
• 1 custom cleavage close On-Off shape
• Zero All + Zero Breasts + Zero Low + Zero Genital

Poser companion files

Required: Genesis 2 Female

Poser users: Poser 9+ & Genesis 2 DSON importer

DS Users:
The Shapes are in your DS Content library and also in the Shaping library.
The morph dials are in the Upper and Lower Body "morphs".

Poser users:
The shapes are in your Pose library and the morph dials are in the Upper and Lower Body "morphs" in the Body parameters.


Genesis 2 Female Body Morphs are not required because the content of this pack is totally custom.
If you do have them though you can use them to change and vary the custom shapes creating many more of them.

The shape presets can be used with all Genesis2F characters but the results will vary as shown in promotional images.

The morphs do not need to be used on their own necessarily.
You can dial in G2F morphs, change the shapes with their morph dials mixing the custom morphs and/or adjusting however you want ...experiment!


• The Genitals:

Depending on the G2F character and the pose you use the genitals may need adjusting by using the dials.

• The Breasts:

The breasts can be used as full breast morphs or as an adjusting tool, it's up to you.
By mixing the breast, cleavage and gravity morph dials you can make more breasts.
If you have the G2F body morphs you can dial in whatever you like to adjust the shape of the custom breasts. The variations are limitless.

• Cleavage & Gravity:

These morphs should be dialed in gradually. See promos above.

• The Lows:

The lows alter the lower part of the body (waist down) including legs sometimes.
For variety mix them using the custom dials to create new lows or with the G2F body morph dials.


Buyers of Datelin 1 G2F by nirvy
Dateline1 G2F fits all the Natural Hi-Low & Private custom morphs.
Please see ReadMe for more information.


† Please see the Read me for important details about the morphs and how to get the best out of this product.†

Rendered in Poser Pro 2014 & DAZ Studio 4.7

No touch-ups.

All Shape presets are shown in the promotional images above.
All the possible variations that can be made are too many to show.

† Characters, Figures, hair and poses are not included.†

Thank you for your interest in my products.

Software: Daz Studio 4, Poser 9+

Base Figures:  Genesis 2 Female

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio