Nouvelle Aube Poses for Dawn

Nouvelle Aube Poses for Dawn

Nouvelle Aube Poses for Dawn includes 14 poses and bonus versions of the Dynamic Dress and Pantaloons containing the poses. Clothing requires Nouvelle Aube Clothing, sold separately. Compatible with Poser

Nouvelle Aube Poses is a collection of quirky and pensive poses for Dawn and the Nouvelle Aube Decor set. Included are 6 seated poses, 6 standing poses, and 2 floor poses. Bonus versions of the Nouvelle Aube Pantaloons and Dress with built in morphs for the Nouvelle Aube Poses are included. These do not contain geometry or textures and require Nouvelle Aube Clothing for Dawn to work.

Designed to work with:

  • Nouvelle Aube for Dawn
  • Nouvelle Aube Clothing for Dawn
  • Nouvelle Aube Decor
  • Nouvelle Aube Studio
  • What's Included & Features

    • Poses (.pz2)
      • 6 Standing
      • 6 Sitting
      • 2 Floor (lying down)
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        • 0-0-0 (xyz trans)
        • Studio Desk
          • Requires Nouvelle Aube Decor and Nouvelle Aube Studio
        • Studio Floor
          • Requires Nouvelle Aube Studio
        • Studio Pavers
          • Requires Nouvelle Aube Studio
    • Models (.pp2) NOTE:.obj and texture files NOT INCLUDED
      • NOTE: These items REQUIRE Nouvelle Aube Clothing for Dawn
      • Only the .pp2 file is included - you must have the Clothing pack installed to use them.
      • Prop clothing contains Nouvelle Aube fit morph, with included Sitting, Standing and Floor Poses
      • This clothing is meant to ONLY be used on the Nouvelle Aube character. To use with Default Dawn or a different Dawn Character, you will need to run a short simulation in the Cloth Room.
        • Dynamic Dress
        • Dynamic Pantaloons

    Simulation instructions, tips, and troubleshooting can be found in the comprehensive Nouvelle Aube for Dawn Dynamic Clothing Tutorial, included in the ReadMe folder.

    SKU 11109
    Genre Fantasy
    Compatible Figures Dawn Special Edition
    Compatible Software Poser 9+
    Release Date Mar 14, 2016
    Compatible figures: 
    3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio