PandaB5 Gradient Materials for Poser

PandaB5 Gradient Materials for Poser

Gradient materials are single and multi-coloured materials that gradually become darker or lighter. The area of lightness or darkness will depend on the UV mapping of the object you're applying it to.

These material were created with the Superfly and Firefly settings together so that it doesn't matter which render engine you use. However, because the materials are together they will only work in Poser 11.

Due to the procedural nature of the mixed coloured materials you'll only see a strange pattern on screen when applying the materials. The colours only show up in the renders. They can also be seen in the material room preview.


30 Single colour gradient materials / shaders

30 Multi-coloured gradient materials / shaders

In 5 texture variations each:

1. Glossy Metal Reflective (fully procedural)
2. Glossy Reflective Transparent (fully procedural)
3. With Emission (fully procedural)
4. With a fine texture (fully procedural)
5. With a rougher texture (procedural + 1 external bump / texture map)

Total of 300 .mt5 files

Software: Poser 11

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio