Psi MedBay

Psi MedBay

Psi MedBay is the module room of spaceship Antares.There is enough room for up to six people. There are three medical chambers for two men in the ward, two universal system of medical examination and other auxiliary props. Explore !

What's Included and Features

  • Psi MedBay (DUF, CR2, OBJ):
  • 6 Individual Figures :
    • Device
    • Dg_module
    • Medical_boxA
    • Post
    • Stretcher
    • Table
  • Moveable Parts:
    • doors
    • hatct
    • frame
    • bed
    • levers
    • pistons
  • Texture Includes:
    • 114 Texture, Normal, and Reflection Maps (up to 4096 x 4096)
  • Texture Templates available through the Product Library
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets for 3Delight (.DUF)
  • DAZ Studio Material Presets for Iray (.DUF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
    • 1 Poser Core Installer

Compatible Software:

DAZ Studio 4.9

Install Types:

Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio