Realistic Dynamic Snowflake Brushes for Photoshop

Realistic Dynamic Snowflake Brushes for Photoshop

Realistic dynamic Photoshop snowflakes brush set. This snow brush set for Photoshop CS6 or CC includes 10 realistic dynamic snowflake brushes made from macro images of real snowflakes, and 1 magic snow brush that's great for creating dreamy falling snow, rainy snow, or sleet.

>>>> WATCH THE VIDEOS in the "Editorial" tab to see all the brushes included, example use, how to make fast falling snow etc.

What are dynamic Photoshop brushes?
The magic snow brush follows your mouse/pen strokes so you can create snow trails in any shape or design you want. If you apply a motion blur in Photoshop you can create an effect of fast falling sleet or a rain effect.
When you click once with the dynamic snowflake brushes they scatter falling snowflakes in various opacity levels, different rotations, and different sizes to create natural falling snow look. Using stamp brushes by hand, this would take a lot more time to create the same effect.
You can play with the brush settings to change how they scatter or just use it as is.

You can also mix the brushes, make some smaller flakes with one brush then some bigger ones with another brush, change the size of the brushes, opacity etc.

Our brushes are HIGH QUALITY, meticulously cleaned and tested to make sure there are NO dirty edges, grainy dots or other dirt around them.

Do you need snowflakes for your 2D animations/ motion graphics/ CG animations?

Asides from Photoshop, you can also use these snowflakes for a program like After Effects as custom particles to create animated falling snow.
If you want to create animated snowflakes in After Effects, you can simply stamp a snowflake onto your document, export it as a PNG, import it into AE, then set up your particle system (Particle Playground or using a plugin such as Red Giant Trapcode Particular), set the custom particle to be the PNG (select textured Sprite in Particular) and then enjoy a sky full of pretty falling snowflakes.

Photoshop CS6 and above

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