Skinny Jeans and Deep Cut Tank for Dusk - DAZ Studio

Skinny Jeans and Deep Cut Tank for Dusk - DAZ Studio

A casual set of jeans and a tank top for Dusk. This is a Daz Studio conversion of Glitterati3D's Poser product by the same name. Compatible with DAZ Studio only

The skinny jeans come by default with a tight, snug fit to the legs, tapering down to the ankles. The tank top comes with large arm and neck holes, but still boasts a fairly snug fit against the body.

Both items ship with an abundance of fixing and adjustment morphs to assist with posing or layering during scene setup. Like the Poser version, the skinny jeans in this conversion also have a morph to tuck the pants into Dusk's Combat Boots.

What's Included & Features

  • Figures (.duf)
    • Deep Cut Tank Top
    • Skinny Jeans
  • Materials 3Delight(.duf)
    • Deep Cut Tank Top
      • Tank Green
      • Tank Grey
      • Tank White
    • Skinny Jeans
      • Jeans Camo
      • Jeans Denim Dark
      • Jeans Denim Light
      • Jeans Denim Ripped
  • Morphs
    • Skinny Jeans
      • 32 Fix Morphs
        • Crotch Flat Fix
        • Flat Bottom Fix
        • Hip L Front - Sit Fix
        • Hip R Fronnt - Sit Fix
        • Hips Out 2 Both
        • Hips Out 2 L
        • Hips Out 2 R
        • Hips Out Both
        • Hips Out L
        • Hips Out R
        • Knee Bulge Forward L
        • Knee Bulge Forward R
        • Knee Bulge Inside L
        • Knee Bulge Inside R
        • Knee Bulge Outside L
        • Knee Bulge Outside R
        • Knee Bulge Rear L
        • Knee Bulge Rear R
        • Shin Bulge Inside L
        • Shin Bulge Inside R
        • Shin Bulge Outside L
        • Shin Bulge Outside R
        • Shin Bulge Rear L
        • Shin Bulge Rear R
        • Thigh Bulge Front L
        • Thigh Bulge Front R
        • Thigh Bulge Rear L
        • Thigh Bulge Rear R
        • Waist Out Front
        • Waist Out L
        • Waist Out R
        • Waist Out Rear
      • 13 Style Morphs
        • Cuff Barefoot L
        • Cuff Barefoot R
        • Cuff for Shoe - Front L
        • Cuff for Shoe - Front R
        • Cuff for Shoe - Inner L
        • Cuff for Shoe - Inner R
        • Cuff for Shoe - Outer L
        • Cuff for Shoe - Outer R
        • Cuff for Shoe - Rear L
        • Cuff for Shoe - Rear R
        • Jeans In Boots
        • Jeans Over Boot L (Use Laces Flat on Boot)
        • Jeans Over Boot R (Use Laces Flat on Boot)
    • Deep CutTank Top
      • 19 Adjustment Morphs
        • Collar Up-L
        • Collar Up-R
        • Expand Bottom Trim All
        • Expand Bottom Trim Front
        • Expand Bottom Trim L
        • Expand Bottom Trim R
        • Expand Bottom Trim Rear
        • Fix Bottom Trim Rear Point
        • Fix Strap Bulge L
        • Fix Strap Bulge R
        • Loose Belly Front
        • Loose Belly Bottom Spine
        • Loose Side L
        • Loose Side R
        • Loose Strap L
        • Loose Strap R
        • Loose-Tight Neck
        • Squeeze Strap L
        • Squeeze Strap R
  • Textures (.jpg)
    • Texture maps are 2048 x 2048
SKU 11383
Genre Contemporary
Compatible Figures Dusk
Compatible Software DAZ Studio 4.6+
Release Date Sep 5, 2016
Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio