Spy Girl poses for Genesis 8

Spy Girl poses for Genesis 8

As a dual-agent spy, She has multiple nationalities. At home, she is a gentle wife that deeply loves her husband. Outside, she is a cold and magnificent machine skilled at various firearms and fighting techniques. In order to protect her family, She concealed her identity from her husband, which makes her so painful that she increasingly hopes to live a normal life.

System Requirements:

DazStudio 4.10 Pro and above

Genesis 8 Female
Genesis 8 Male
Victoria 8
Michael 8
Zelara 8
Nix 8

Spy Girl poses for Genesis 8

RevolverLH G8F
RevolverLH V8
RevolverLH Z8
RevolverRH G8F
RevolverRH V8
RevolverRH Z8
7 expressions for Genesis 8 Female
5 expressions for Genesis 8 Male
7 expressions for Victoria 8
5 expressions for Michael 8
7 expressions for Zelara 8
5 expressions for Nix 8
24 Interacting poses for G8F and G8M(Included 13 H.poses for G8F), 2 single poses for G8F
24 Interacting poses for V8 and M8(Included 13 H.poses for V8), 2 single poses for V8
24 Interacting poses for Z8 and N8(Included 13 H.poses for Z8), 2 single poses for Z8
39 dynamics Morphs for BedGown

Product Copyright:

All of the content in this package was created by halcyone.

Installation Instructions: Unzip into your DS Library directory.

Usage Tips or Limitations:

1.load Characters,select Hip,choose limits off in pose tool,if you don't see pose tool, you can open it in the "Displays the Viewport Options menu";
2.Apply BedGown to Victoria 8 or Genesis 8 Female or Zelara 8;
3.load Pose you wish from folder for characters;
4.BedGown dynamics Morphs is automatically loaded, if you want to find it, please select BedGown,parameter Tab---->Halcyone---->Spy Girl;
5.H.poses only Victoria 8 and Genesis 8 Female and Zelara 8;
6.pose13 19 23 25 Need to manually load the Revolver.
7.You need to manually adjust the Morphs of the revolver to match the character, sometimes you need to move and rotate the axis of the revolver to fit the character and poses.
8.This product includes 39 BedGown dynamic Morphs and 39 H.pose, BedGown are my other product.


Holster Back.dsf
Holster Frnt B.dsf
Holster Frnt.dsf
Holster In B.dsf
Holster In C.dsf
Holster In D.dsf
Holster In.dsf
Holster Lft.dsf
Push Out.dsf

Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female, Genesis 8 Male

Required Products: BedGown for Victoria 8

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio