Star Pupil for Star

Star Pupil for Star

Playful and cute, but also smart and clever...this is our Star Pupil. She shines in the classroom and turns heads outside of class. STAR! is popular in her Anime school girl outfit. This is a school girl outfit inspired by Anime school girls. Included in the set is a blouse, skirt, neck bow, socks, stockings and left and right shoes. Each clothing piece has three texture options.

Includes 7 clothing pieces and 3 textures for each clothing piece. Textures are all made with high resolution JPGs. Material and pose files both included.

Neck bow

bow droop left, bow droop right, bow small, bows out, tie left out, tie left side, tie right out, tie right side, ties hang forward


baggy top left, baggy top right, body - slim


sock tops large, sock tops tall, high heels, body - shoe fit


back out, front out, skirt flare back, skirt flare front, side out left, side out right, body - corset, body - slim

Left shoe (same morphs as right shoe)

Right shoe

shoe top up, heel out, instep out (widens)


bottom up back, bottom up front, arm large left, arm large right, button placket closed, back center out, collar up left, collar up right, bottom out front, bottom out back, side out left, side out right, abdomen thick, bottom side out left, bottom side out right, leg back left, leg back right, leg front left and leg front right

Poser Version: Poser 9
Zip Files 1 zip at 30.6MB
Requires: STAR!
Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio