Stone Shaders for Iray and Merchant Resource

Stone Shaders for Iray and Merchant Resource

40 detailed and different stone shaders for Iray.

There are 5 brick, 5 concrete, 5 cracked stone, 5 granite, 5 marble, 5 mineral stone, 5 nature stone and 5 sand stone shaders included.

For your convenience there are also 3 bump setting presets included (low, medium and high bump). You can use them to choose how much visible structure you want for the stone shaders. You can of course manually change the bump/normal map settings to any value to meet your requirements.

The shaders are very useful for walls, buildings, floors, rocks, statues, sculptures and much more.

All shaders use seamless texture, bump and normal maps (2048x2048).

This product is also a merchant resource. Please refer to the ReadMe how it may be used as merchant resource.

Iray only.

- 40 Iray shader presets
- 5 brick stone presets
- 5 concrete presets
- 5 cracked stone presets
- 5 granite prests
- 5 marble presets
- 5 mineral stone presets
- 5 nature stone presets
- 5 sand stone presets
- 120 diffuse, bump and normal maps (2048x2048)

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