Summer Fling for Dynamic Cocktail Dress

Summer Fling for Dynamic Cocktail Dress

An underskirt and flirty, summery floral textures, for those times when one wants to celebrate Summer rather than be more formal. Requires Dynamic Cocktail Dress for Dawn and/or Dynamic Cocktail Dress for V4 Compatible with Poser only.

Ever wanted a cocktail dress that wasn't so serious, something a bit more celebrant of the summer flowers? Well now you can have it!

Summer Fling is a collection of 6 textures for the Dynamic Cocktail Dress, so that your Dawn or Victoria 4 can have a light playful day or night.

Included is a dynamic underskirt to be used with the Cocktail dress for a layered look. There are also versions of the 6 textures with a sheer skirt to reveal the underskirt underneath, for a total of 12 textures for the Dress.

What's Included & Features

  • 2 New Clothing Objects
    • Dynamic Underskirt for Dawn (requires Poser 9+)
    • Dynamic Underskirt for Victoria 4 (requires Poser 7+)
  • Textures
    • 6 Textures for the Dynamic Underskirt
      • Plain Black
      • Plain Blue
      • Plain Dk. Cream
      • Plain Mint Green
      • Plain Purple
      • Plain Red
    • 6 Textures for the Dynamic Cocktail Dress
      • Floral Black
      • Floral Blue
      • Floral Cream
      • Floral Mint Green
      • Floral Purple
      • Floral Red
    • 6 Textures for the Dynamic Cocktail Dress with a Sheer Skirt
      • Floral Black Sheer
      • Floral Blue Sheer
      • Floral Crealm Sheer
      • Floral Mint Green Sheer
      • Floral Purple Sheer
      • Floral Red Sheer
  • Dynamic Tutorial
SKU 10574
Genre n/a
Compatible Figures Dawn, Victoria 4, Alyson 2
Compatible Software Poser 7+
Release Date Jul 19, 2014
Compatible figures: 
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