SVs DRAMATICA Iray Lighting

SVs DRAMATICA Iray Lighting

This set includes 20 Photometric Iray Lights and 03 HDR Images with settings, high drama, low drama, the choice is yours. Mix and match images & lights for the perfect render. Adjust HDRI's to add more brightness, turn off and on the dome, ground shadows, and headlamp. A very versatile set with low color so your characters & clothes show their own true color.

- 20 Photometric Iray Light Sets
- 03 HDR Images
- 06 HDR Image Intensity Settings
- Utility Settings (DOME ON/OFF, Ground Shadows ON/OFF, Headlamp OFF)

- This set is a smaller light set, and includes all the above mentioned, it is a great set to add to your collection for different effects of lighting on characters

Software: Daz Studio 4

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio