SVs GLOW Iray Lights

SVs GLOW Iray Lights

SVs GLOW Iray Lights.

GLOW is mostly based on a 3 light photography set up!
GLOW Lights are all parented/grouped with the Key Light - rotate them all at once!

Why is it called GLOW?
Because...Bloom Filter settings are included AND the lights are set up to give the skin a healthy "GLOW" using Spotlight "Mesh" lighting.

- 20 Photometric Iray "Mesh" Lights
- 30 Photometric Iray "Mesh" Rim Lights
(these are spotlights that use different geometry, rim lights are also new and use the same geometry)

- 30 HDR Images/Domes (based off 10 new HDRI\'s with varying contrast/color amounts)
- 02 Dome Utility Options ON/OFF
- 08 Settings for HDR Images (Default, Ultra Low, Very Low, Low, Medium, High, Very High, Ultra High)
- 04 Dome Rotation Settings

- 08 Iray BLOOM Filter Settings - get the GLOW!

- 03 Render Settings (Fast, Medium, Slow)
- 02 Ground Settings (ON/OFF)
- 02 Lighting Blur Settings (ON/OFF)
- 05 Shutter Speed Settings (High, Medium, Low, Very Low, Ultra Low)
- 04 Vignetting Settings, (High, Medium, Low, Off)

- THIS IS A HUGE SET! Perfect for just about anything!

...AND a reset button for your render settings so you can start all over!
...mix and match with ALL other light sets from my shop!
...features left AND right lighting & rim lighting!
...instructions for adding JUST the rim lights inside the Library!
...EASY and fun to use!

...ALL Rim Lights in this set are new and use the same geometry "mesh" as the main lights!

Software: DAZ Studio 4 With IRAY

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio