SV's Iray Essentials

SV's Iray Essentials

"Iray Essentials" - Daz Studio Iray.A complete package including Iray Lights, Shaders, HDR Image, Utility Settings, Render Settings!

- 10 Animal Pattern Shaders (05 are Any Color)
- 10 Basic Cloth Shaders
- 10 Latex Shaders
- 10 Satin Shaders
- 10 Shiny Leather Shaders
- 10 Soft Leather Shaders
- 10 Suede Shaders
- 10 Velvet Shaders

- 10 Sizing Utility Settings
- 03 Bump Map Strength Settings

- 80 Total Shaders
- Tips included
- Almost ALL Shaders can be made "ANY COLOR"
- 40 Included Texture/Bump/Normal Maps and HDR Image

- 12 Photometric Light Presets
- 01 HDR Image
- 04 HDRI Settings (Default, Low, Medium, High)
- Dome ON/OFF
- Ground Shadows ON/OFF
- Lighting Blur ON/OFF
- 03 Render Settings for Quality/Speed (Slow, Medium, Fast)
- 01 Reset to Default Settings

- These are completely NEW Shaders/Lights/Settings where I have taken what I feel is the "best" from previous packages, made adjustments and re-made shaders/lights/settings to be all new and updated, and have now included a little bit of everything in one package for you to experiment with! These have been created and improved upon from the ground up with my own previous packages as inspirations to offer a product as an all encompassing set! Iray Essentials is sure to jump start your muse and help you in your own creations!

You may use these shaders in your own clothing texture packages for commercial resale. You may not make a new resource or pack out of just these shaders/textures

Thank you!

Software: Daz Studio 4

3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio