Taari for V4

Taari for V4

Lathron ben ned eryn, glamor uin galan ir govannem. An uir aewath linnathar a chervess olthad nîn : he bada min nadhras galen a parth lothen. Trevódiel orath drestennin, broniannem lennath dhuir a charnath arnediad. A Elleth ivorcheneb, dartho, ú-aníron cuinad ereb. Avo awartho nin, annathon le chên, a mar mhilui. Gweston le, meleth ú-thinnatha a harthad edlothiatha adwain. Avo doltho mhorn, melethril nîn.

I hear someone in the woods, an echo of the day we met. Forever birds will sing for the lady of my dreams: she walks between green pasture and flowery field. Having traversed troubled days, we endured dark journeys and countless wounds. O Elfin maid with crystal eyes, wait, I won't live alone. Don't forsake me, I'll give thee a child, and a friendly home. I swear thee, love won't fade and hope will blossom anew. Don't summon the night, my love.


The Taari package comprises of a set of custom morphs and textures. The morphs and textures change standard V4 into a shapely muscled female aimed at Fantasy and Scifi style artwork with textures for a Pale Green and multiple makeup options.

Requires Requires V4 Base only!

-1 Custom Head Morph Inj/Rem
-1 Custom Body/Foot Morph Inj/Rem
-1 Custom Ear Morph Inj/Rem

2 full texture sets, one normal and one SSS comprising of

-10 Head Textures (4000x4000)
-1 Head Displacement Map (4000x4000)
-1 Body Textures (4000x4000)
-1 Body Displacement Map (4000x4000) }
-1 Limb Textures (4000x4000)
-1 Limb Displacement Map (4000x4000)
-1 Tongue/Gums Texture (2000 x 2000)
-1 Tongue/Gums Bump Map (2000 x 2000)

10 Eye Shaders based on

-10 Eye Textures (1000x1000)
-1 Eye Bump Map (1000x1000)
-1 Eye Surface Maps (1000x1000)

5 Eye Lashes based on

-5 Lash Textures (1000 x 1000)

Poser Version: 6+
Daz Studio: 3+
Zip Files 1 Zip file (37Mb)
Requires: Victoria 4.2 Base
Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio