Ten Vital Techniques with Daz Studio & Photoshop to get your Artwork NOTICED

Ten Vital Techniques with Daz Studio & Photoshop to get your Artwork NOTICED

Have you ever struggled with how "flat" your rendered scene looks only after pouring in hours of work?

Have you wondered how to make your artwork stand out, to create more presence?

Where do you begin in choosing which post-work techniques will be most effective in enhancing your work?

Join us to learn ten techniques that can address all of the above questions.

This tutorial presented by Esther will go over each of the techniques in step by step fashion to help you apply these with your own artwork. Esther is exposing the best techniques she has incorporate into her workflow to help you with yours. Amongst other tips and vital techniques she'll be covering best use of Photoshop layers, brushes and actions, lighting effects and the important of using colour.

You'll need Photoshop to follow along with this tutorial.

  • About Esther:
    • I was raised by a muralist father and can remember painting large backdrop sets, landscapes and scenes for an amazing number of years. Of all the subjects we painted I found and still find, humans and the human figure to be the most fascinating.
      These loves (the human figure and comic book styles) eventually led me to 3D art, a natural extension of this interest. I started with Poser and when Daz Studio was released that became my software of choice. As I browse through my runtime, I realize I've been producing art using 3D models since 2003, and I see a copy of Photoshop 6 sitting here on my shelf as well. Apparently I've been at this a while, and yet 3D art is still in it's infancy as an artform. It is so very exciting to see where it goes as it evolves.
    • I've sold art at Comicons, been commissioned for paintings, worked on book illustrations, and have a website for book covers. It's awesome and so much fun! I love learning. I love art. I love the 3D art style. Together I find them to be an incredible amount of fun, there's not much I like doing more than meeting other artists, and exchanging ideas, tips, and tricks. It is definitely my idea of a good time!"

What's Included and Features

  • Content (.MP4)
    • 1 hour 45 minute presentation:
      • Composition tools in Daz Studio
      • Daz Studio Lighting: Time saving with the Null and light sets
      • Best tips on lighting in Daz and Photoshop, effective mood lighting and simulating God rays
      • The essential consideration of colour and using the colour wheel
      • Simulating depth of field using Photoshop
      • Enhance and create depth with atmosphere
      • Using layers effectively
      • Esther's favourite Photoshop brushes: how and when to use them.
      • Best use of Ron's brushes
      • Favourite Photoshop Actions: HDR, Glow, and Dissolve


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