TMLI Fantasy Features for Genesis 8 Females

TMLI Fantasy Features for Genesis 8 Females

A Set of 92 Custom Sculpted Fantasy Morphs for Genesis 8 Females

As a Added Bonus it Includes 25 Full Face Shape Presets

These Can be Extreme or Subtle!


-02 Goblin Ears
-02 Half Elf Ears
-04 High Elf Ears
-04 Mermaid ears
-02 Moon Elf ears
-02 Orc Ears
-03 Vampire Ears
-04 Wood Elf Ears
23 Total Ears

-03 Elf Brows
-02 Goblin Brows
-02 Mermaid Brows
-02 Orc Brows
-02 Vampire Brows
11 Total Brows

-03 Elf Eyes
-02 Goblin Eyes
-02 Mermaid Eyes
-01 Orc Eyes
-01 Vampire Eyes
09 Total Eyes

Face Shapes
-06 Elf Faces
-02 Goblin Faces
-02 Orc Faces
-02 Mermaid Faces
-02 Vampire Faces
14 Total Face Shapes

-08 Elf Lips
-02 Goblin Lips
-02 Orc Lips
-02 Mermaid Lips
-02 Vampire Lips
16 Total Lips

-08 Elf Noses
-02 Goblin Noses
-02 Orc Noses
-03 Mermaid Noses
-02 Vampire Noses
17 Total Noses

!!This IS a Merchant Resource and CAN be used in Character Creation!!

*To Apply These Morphs Go to the Parameters Tab and Dial the Morph in, if you Have any trouble View Read Me*

DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio