Tongue Control for Genesis 2 Male(s) and Female(s)

Tongue Control for Genesis 2 Male(s) and Female(s)

Tongue Control for Genesis 2 Male(s) & Female(s) is a set of morphs designed to give your characters tongue new levels of dynamic movement. Created with many supported JCM's and rigged to extreme lengths, you can now create expressions where the tongue and mouth play a bigger role in your characters expressions because they can go beyond their previous limitations.

Tongue Control's universal morphs can be applied to any rigged expression set and works with all other facial pose controls and is compatible with any figure shape for Genesis 2 male(s) and Female(s).

What's Included and Features

  • Pose Control Morph Dials:
    • Preset Tongue Length Forked
    • Preset Tongue Length Mouth Adjust
    • Tongue Center Dip
    • Tongue Length
    • Tongue Roll 1
    • Tongue Roll 2
    • Tongue Taper
    • Tongue Thickness
    • Tongue Tip Thickness
    • Tongue Twist
  • Shaping Morph Dials:
    • Tongue Forked
    • Tongue HD Details 1
    • Tongue HD Details 2
    • Tongue HD Details 3
    • Tongue HD Details 4
    • Tongue Ridge Bottom
    • Tongue Smoother Fork Length
    • Tongue Smoother Tip
    • Uvula Size
  • Poses: (.DUF and .PZ2)
    • Zero Mouth and Lips Pose Morphs
    • Zero Tongue Bones
    • Zero Tongue Pose Morphs
    • Zero Tongue Shaping Morphs
  • Tongue Controls Tutorial (.PDF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
      • 1 Poser Companion Files Installer

Compatible Figures:

Genesis 2 Female, Genesis 2 Male

Compatible Software:

DSON Importer for Poser, DAZ Studio 4.7

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio