Love has so many beautiful faces, in women of all ages, in women of all colours, because......we light up the world with our crooked smiles, our aging eyes, our laugh lines. We give the world hope, strength and courage. (Syyd Raven)
Welcome to the world of a face, one of character, one of great beauty, one of youth, and one of age. Faces are the backbone of character creation, and they can light up a render, and change it's mood quicker than you can shake a stick. With the advent of so many wonderful new morphs coming out for the Genesis 3 Female, and with a little more experience working on DAZ, I was able to fully unleash what I love to do most: make distinctive characters.

I utilized the Eva 7 morph by DAZ here. 12 wonderful character face files for Eva, mixed with the Genesis 3 face morphs, and Victoria 7. Note by switching textures in images how a face changes. But the real power is in those dials. So this time, I made dials. Now you have the ability to mix and match and face in whatever increment you choose, you have your own controller morph dial for all 24 faces in this pack. That's power - behind that, are 100 more faces that you can create and save yourself.
From Eva, I went to Karen. Why Karen? Because the two greatest changes I've seen in the morph of the G3 female were Eva and Karen, from G3 and V7. And the combination of these characters combined with the the ever so distinct possibility of having such different looking characters coming at me from all walks of life, is precisely why I entered into creation for DAZ Studio to begin with. Its endless.

Meet Liesel - meet her from age 10 to 14. Then, meet Liesel in her 20's or 30's. From youthful ingenue to fully realized adult woman. If you love a character face, watch her walk through her life and become a woman before your very eyes. (Liesel - blonde hair)

Meet Sofia - a young teen, she was created to be in the same age range, and when she was rendered I saw a 14 year old full of innocence and wonder at the world. I aged Sofia to about 40-50 years old. Her face seems full of wisdom, somehow piquant and sad, I hope you enjoy using two characters that you can develop a complete story around.


Every extensive character face pack should include older women. We're beautiful too! We are also full of character, as we tell stories of our lives in the lines of our smiles, our rounding jawlines, and crows feet. Meet the older women in the three faces of G: two on the Karen side, and two on the Eva side.

12 character face files for Eva
12 character face files for Karen
24 controller dials located in Parameters and Shapes inside your DAZ

Daz Studio: FOR USE IN DS 4.8 ONLY
Requires: Genesis 3 Female/Victoria 7 Morph/Karen 7 Morph/Eva 7 Morph
3D Models for Poser and Daz Studio