Vintage Buttons

Vintage Buttons

42 png files with transparent backgrounds. Created on a PC. The
sizes of the images vary by the size of the button. Images vary
from 463x466 pixels up to 1014x1019 pixels. About 18 Mb in size.
******* These are buttons out of the old sewing equipment. Some
were collected by my mother (1909-1991) which means that most of
them are 1920-1985. However, she was raised by her maternal
grandmother, so there may be some earlier than 1920. The buttons
themselves range from about a quarter inch to several inches
across. The holes are all about the same size in real life....the
larger the holes look on the button, the smaller the button is.
These are real buttons, mostly saved off of used clothing. There
are nicks and dings. I did wash and clean as best I could and ina
few cases photoshopped a little of the damage off. However, they
all look like used buttons.

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