Wasteland Wolf

Wasteland Wolf

Fast. Agile. Dangerous. Words to aptly describe any wolf. Words to instill fear into prey and predators alike. Words that the Wasteland Wolf buggy absolutely lives by.

The war killed millions, sent many into underground bunkers where they cower and wait for the fallout to dissipate until they can reach back out into the world. A world in which we'll be waiting. The Survivors, scavenging food and gear from wherever we can get it, building ramshackle housing and perhaps equally importantly, vehicles.

The Wasteland Wolf is a thing of beauty, a four wheeled predator sporting a V6 engine capable of catching today's dinner or outrunning an enemy rig. Armed with melee style maces and flails we can fight off anyone that thinks they can take us down, and our crowning glory a rocket launcher, attached to a trailer capable of carrying people, crates of goods or more rockets to defend your crew!

As you'd expect from such a machine, the steering, seating, weaponry and even the headrests are fully adjustable, rigged for action!

And if we leave our Wasteland Wolf to go on foot for a while, we can take all that weaponry with us, it's all man-portable.

What's Included and Features

  • Wasteland Wolf: (.DUF)
    • Presets:
      • !Preloaded Wasteland Wolf
      • !Preloaded Wolf Trailer
      • !Preset Large Wasteland Flail
      • !Preset Large Wasteland Slayer
      • !Preset Loaded Grenade Crate
      • !Preset Small Wasteland Flail
      • !Preset Small Wasteland Slayer
    • Props:
      • Wasteland Wolf
        • Adjust Driver Seat
        • Adjust Driverseat Neckrest
        • Adjust Passenger Seat
        • Adjust Passengerseat Neckrest
        • Engine Big Roller
        • Engine Roller M1
        • Engine Roller M2
        • Engine Roller S1
        • Engine Roller S2
        • Engine Roller S3
        • Engine Rollers
        • Pedal Brake
        • Pedal Gas
        • Spin Right Forward Wheel
        • Spin Left Forward Wheel
        • Spin Right Back Wheel
        • Spin Left Back Wheel
        • Spin All Wheels
        • Steering
      • Wolf Trailer
        • Back Left Wheel Spin
        • Back Right Wheel Spin
        • Front Left Wheel Spin
        • Front Right Wheel Spin
        • Open Left Door
        • Open Fight Door
        • Open Ball Lock
        • Open Door Lock
        • Spin Wheels
        • Steel Front Wheels
      • Rocket Launcher
        • Range Knob 1
        • Range Knob 2
        • Trigger
        • Wind Adjust
      • Rocket Grenade
        • Extend Fins
        • Show Backflame
      • Wolf Flag
        • Bend Pole
        • Pole Sideways
        • Rotate Flag
        • Bend Flag
        • Blow Upwards Flag
        • Ripple Flag
        • Swirl Flag CCW
        • Swirl Flag CW
        • Twist Flag CCW
        • Twist Flag CW
      • Big Static Crate
      • Chain Holder Bar
      • Chain Holder Wall
      • Giant Chain Handle
      • Grenade Crate
      • Large Chain
      • Saw Blade
      • Small Chain Handle
      • Small Chain
      • Small Static Crate
      • Spiky Ball
      • Trailer Spare Tire
      • Trailer Spikes
      • Trailer Wheelblade
    • Smart Props:
      • Smart Handle Large Chain
      • Smart Handle Small Chain
      • Smart Horns
      • Smart Left Side Bar
      • Smart Panic Strap Left
      • Smart Panic Strap Right
      • Smart Right Side Bar
      • Smart Rocket Grenade Loaded
      • Smart Rocket Launcher
      • Smart Saw Blade Large Chain
      • Smart Saw Blade Small Chain
      • Smart Spiky Ball Large Chain
      • Smart Spiky Ball Small Chain
      • Smart Trailer Spare Tire
      • Smart Wheelblades Back Left
      • Smart Wheelblades Back Right
      • Smart Wheelblades Front Left
      • Smart Wheelblades Front Right
      • Smart Wolf Flag
      • Smart Wolf Trailer
      • Smart Wolf Trailer Spikes
    • Material Options:
      • Big Static Crate Mat 1
      • Big Static Crate Mat 2
      • Chain Holder Bar
      • Chain Holder Wall
      • Giant Chain Handle
      • Grenade Crate Mat 1
      • Grenade Crate Mat 2
      • Horns
      • Large Chain
      • Left Side Bar
      • Panic Strap Blue
      • Panic Strap Brown
      • Right Side Bar
      • Rocket Grenade
      • Rocket Launcher Clean
      • Rocket Launcher
      • Saw Blade
      • Small Chain Hande
      • Small Chain
      • Small Static Crate Mat 1
      • Small Static Crate Mat 2
      • Spiky Ball
      • Trailer Spare Tire
      • Trailer Spikes
      • Trailer Wheelblade Mat 1
      • Trailer Wheelblade Mat 2
      • Wasteland Wolf Red Frame
      • Wasteland Wolf
      • Wolf Flag Torn
      • Wolf Flag
      • Wolf Trailer Mat 1
      • Wolf Trailer Mat 2
  • Textures Include:
    • 240 Base Color, Height, Roughness, Normal, Metallic and Opacity Maps (512x512 to 4096x4096)
  • Daz Studio Iray Material Presets (.DUF)


  • This product includes:
    • 1 DSON Core Installer
  • Compatible Software:

    DAZ Studio 4.9

    Install Types:

    Daz Connect, Install Manager, Manual Install

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