Soft Body Physics Tutorial

Soft Body Physics Tutorial

Do you dream of creating more than just 3D? Imagine a world where your character is lifelike. With soft bofy physics, you can achieve many things. You can create an animation where your character's breasts jiggle and her hair flows as she moves, just like how a real woman moves in real life. You can create a render with soft body effect that makes your character's body parts poked, squished or pressed. You can also create a render with your character's hair flows without the need to manually adjust the hair's morphs to mimic real life hair (but what happens when the hair your purchased doesn't have such morphs?).

With this tutorial, what you can learn:
* How to create soft body breasts physics
* How to create soft body hair physics
* How to create soft body effects
* How to use Wind Force

Q & A:

Q: So I can only learn soft body breasts and hair?
A: No. The breasts and hair tutorials from the book are tutorials by example. Once you're done, you can use the same methods shown in book to work with any soft body object.

Q: I'm not animator, will this book be useful to me?
A: Yes, if you want to create realistic renders. Even when creating still images, for example, depends on the character's pose, you have to adjust the hair to follow the gravity and your character's pose. With soft body physics, you just need to calculate everything for couple seconds and everything is done. Another example is when you want to create renders with your character's body parts poked, squished or pressed. With soft body physics, it can be done, without soft body physics you have to buy morphs, assuming if such morphs exist.

Q: Is it hard to learn soft body physics?
A: No, there are other things more difficult. Such as modeling, texturing, creating functional Poser Phyton app.

Software: Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2012 +

Requirements:  An Adobe Acrobat Reader, Poser

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