Dena's temperament had been a little short of late, bordering on more than a little bitchy to be truthfull. If you were on her good side then you would be that one in five hundred soul, the rest of us just kind of grind our teeth. The ops had been getting more and more intense, and the probably outcomes of said ops was getting more and more unlikely with each passing day. With the arrival of her new armor (finally!) she was expecting to turn the tide on the "unlikely outcome" scenarios, turning them more into the "Hi, glad to meet you. Have a nice after life!" BLAM! BLAM! BLAM!!!

Her team looked to her, but she rarely returned the favor. Why get to know someone when you would just be scooping up their guts the next day? This view of relationships had ghosted her much of her life, turning the once tom-boy into a full on hell-cat. But once the smell of gunite wafted into the air she was a formidable force and you were very glad that she was on your side...or at least you hoped she was on your side; that always seem to change from one second to the next.

"Can't everyone just understand that it is not easy being me?!"

SpartanOps is an armor set for the Victoria 4 figure. The set is beautifuly modeled and crafted for ease of use and functionality. The joint centers have been properly aligned per the specific piece of armor to allow for easy positioning should it be needed.The textures were created using the latest techniques and the UV maps professionally designed for minimal stretching. Posing and armor use were carefully considered when creating the 30 adjustment morphs. Should you desire some extreme posing, proper armor positioning is just one click away!

5 Conforming Figures: BodySuit, Boots, LeftHand/RightHand Armor, Socks

20 Smart Parented Props (complete armor set loaded with just one click or individualized loadings)
30 Adjustment Morphs Included
1 Ripper Gun included
1 MilitaryGoogles included
SpartanOps Body Suit has most of all the V4 breast morphs.

Eyeglasses from DarkEdgeDesign's AfterWorld

Hair from SAV

Product requirements

DAZ Victoria 4

Compatible figures: 
3D Models for Poser