Look at my Hair FREE Player

Look at my Hair FREE Player

The Look at my Hair Player has finally arrived and guess what ... it's FREE!

Through a useful and elegant pane, integrated in the DAZ Studio interface, the Look at my Hair Player allows you to load most pre-made Look at my Hair presets or .duf scenes, modify color and shader properties, hair count, thickness and 3D renderings!

Further material editing can be done directly from the DAZ Studio Surface Pane, and you may even create and apply your own shader materials to each LAMH asset.

The player is a nifty application that will even synchronize and adapt hair styles to each model pose, shape or transformation.

Another cool feature is the ability to export to textured OBJ as well (Lux/Reality, Vue, OctaneRender). And of course we have featured a brand new "Human Hair Shader," which will add a higher degree of realism to your human figures. Try it out for yourself and see the difference!

And if you need more control and you want to be the barber and play with all the tools and features, please consider the full version: www.daz3d.com/look-at-my-hair/.

  • This Plug allows DAZ Studio 4.5 users load presets created using Look at my Hair.
  • DAZ Studio ONLY
  • Windows minimum requirements:
    • 1.5G RAM (recommended 4G or more)
    • Studio or higher
    • OpenGL 2.0 graphic card (Intel Graphics Adapters need at least Dec2012 drivers)
  • OSX minimum requirements:
    • Snow Leopard
    • 2G RAM (recommended 4G or more)
    • Studio
    • OpenGL 2.0 graphic card
Compatible 3D Figures
Compatible 3D Software
DAZ Studio 4.6
What's Included & Features
  • Free
  • Load most Look at my Hair preset or .DUF files containing LAMH nodes
  • Edit the following hair properties:
    • preview density
    • complexity
    • shader
    • quantity
    • root, tip and specular colors
    • root and tip thickness
  • Further material editing can be done directly from Studio Surface Pane. You may even assign your own shaders to each LAMH node
  • Render your model and enjoy the quality that Look at my Hair is able to deliver
  • Hair models will automatically synchronize and adapt to each model pose, shape or transformation
  • Save scenes containing LAMH nodes to .duf
  • Export hair styles to .OBJ textured files, thus allowing to use LAMH generated hair in any external application
  • Brand new modern "Human Hair Shader" with multiple light scattering support
  • Large hair style preset library available at www.furrythings.com/presets/
  • Need more control? Wanna play the barber yourself? Take a look the full version here: www.daz3d.com/look-at-my-hair/
  • Updated in
    • Multiple furred figures support
    • Geografted figure support
    • Animation capabilities
    • Improved stability and .duf support
    • Various bug fixes
3rd-Party Software