Biscuits Hair Salon Unseelie

Biscuits Hair Salon Unseelie

Biscuits Hair Salon Unseelie is something special! With separate hair props you can build different hairstyles. This product can be used standalone, but can also work as addons, so you can mix and match the hairprops with others from my Hair Salon Line!

This product comes with one Cap and 8 separate Hair Props.

- Cap
- Bangs
- Base Full
- Base Horn + Mirror
- Horn + Mirror
- Side Strands + Mirror

You can pick any combination of props, just make sure you always load the cap first.

Also included Presets:

- 2 Defaults (Loads all the hairprops as one hairstyle)
- 6 *one click and load* Presets

It comes in 15 colors for the cap and 15 single colors that will fit on all hair props.
This makes it possible to combine a blonde leftside with a black rightside for example!

(Note that all RGB HairSalon addons fit on these props.)

Software: Poser 9+, Poser 11

Compatible figures: Victoria 4

Compatible figures: 
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