Black Lust G2F

Black Lust G2F

Suede Jacket with an underskirt, suede pants, a frilly shirt, a double long necklace, hi heel boots and daggers is the Black Lust Goth style Outfit for Genesis 2 Female.
The shirts have multiple styles as does the chain necklace. Partials for the necklace are also included.
The whole outfit can come into the scene as one or individually.
Boots and daggers come into the scene with figure's body parts already posed as required.
Please see the Readme for specific details.

Black Lust G2F includes:

~Figures & Props~

- 1 Top
- 1 UnderTop
- Top Bow
- 1 pair of pants
- 1 Shirt
- 1 Boot L + R
- 1 Necklace
- 1 Dagger L + R
- 1 Shirt

~ Helpers~

Inject Feet
Remove Feet
L Hand Dagger
R Hand Dagger
Top No Shirt
UnderTop No Shirt

~ Materials 3Delight + IRAY~

- 9 Shirts
- 6 Necklaces
- 6 Partial Necklace Gems + Key Decor + Cords
- 1 Top
- 1 Boots
- 1 Bow
- 1 Pants
- 2 Undertops

~ Dynamic Morph List:

- Top
Adjust Back Top
Adjust BottomFrontL
Adjust BottomFrontR
Adjust Breasts
Adjust Breasts2
Adjust ClosureL
Adjust ElbowL Inside
Adjust ElbowR Inside
Adjust ElbowR Inside2
Adjust ElbowL Inside
Adjust Elbow Right
Adjust Front Buttons
Adjust Left Side
Adjust Left Underarm
Adjust Right Side
Adjust Right Underarm
Adjust Under BreastL
Adjust Under BreastL2
Adjust Under BreastR
Adjust Under BreastR2
Adjust Underarm BackL
Adjust Underarm BackR
Adjust Underarm FrontL
Adjust Underarm FrontR
Adjust Underarms Back
Adjust Elbow Left
Adjust Sleeve L
Adjust Sleeve R
Back Front-Back
Back Longer
Breasts Lower
Button Bot Move
Button Mid Move
Button Top Move
Closure L In
Fit Shirt
No Folds
No Shirt Length RuffleCuffs
No Shirt Ruffle Cuffs
No Shirt Sleeve Length
No Shirt Sleeve Folds
Open Breasts
Open Top Button

- Undertop
Attach to Top
Back Front-Back
Back Longer
Fit Shirt

- Top Bow
Adjust Ribbon
Fit Tight
Ribbon Down

- Shirt
Adjust Back
Adjust Back2
Front Cleavage In
Open Top Shirt

- Boot L & Boot R
Pull Front

- Necklace
Adjust Cords
Adjust Front
Fix ChCords
Fix Cords
Fix to Shirt

Required: Genesis 2 Female included in DAZ Studio 4.7+

~ Please see the Read-Me for more details and to get the most out of this product. ~
†FYI Poser users: Sorry, but there aren't any Poser companion files included and the outfit has not been adjusted in any way to work in Poser.†
Rendered in DAZ studio 4.8 - IRAY
All Styles are shown in the promotional images above and they are all shown with IRAY material presets applied.
Due to the fact that even though different models G2F and G3F are the same outfit with the same styles, promotional image 5 also shows G3F.

Software: Daz Studio 4

Base Figures:  Genesis 2 Female

Requirements:  DAZ's G2F

Compatible figures: 
Accessories for Poser and Daz Studio