Jaz - Character and Geo Shell Outfit for G8 Female

Jaz - Character and Geo Shell Outfit for G8 Female

Thank you for considering Jaz for Genesis 8 Female. She comes with makeup, eye color options, fantasy texture options, elf ear morph and a geo shell outfit with material options.

Included in this package

~~~~ Character ~~~~

1 Face Morph
1 Body Morph
1 Full Mat apply
11 Eye Color Options
13 Lip Colors
13 Make-ups
1 Elf Fantasy Blue Texture option
2 Elf Fantasy Makeup options
1 Elf Ear Morph
4 dials included for the head morph, body morph, full morph and elf ear morph.

~~~~ Geo Shell Outfit ~~~~

1 Body Jewel with 5 different material settings included - This option will load a Geo Shell for you.

Materials for the Body Jewels:
Brown Mat
Gold Mat
Green Mat
Gun Metal Mat
Silver Mat

Hide and Show poses to hide or reveal the 2 parts of the Body Jewels (face and body) are included as well
IRAY materials only

Usage Tips -
-- Jaz's Geo Shell outfit eliminates all poke-through and can be worn by any of your favorite morphed Genesis 3 or Genesis 8 characters (male or female)
-- If you change the morph, the Geo Shell outfit will follow the morphs, allowing it to fit any shape.
-- Before loading the Geo Shell outfit, be sure to have Genesis 8 (or 3) selected in the scene tab.
-- There is no need to create a new Geo-Shell for your scene. Selecting the Body Jewel option will load the Geo-Shell for you.
-- Once loaded, be sure to high-light the Geo-Shell outfit in the scene tab before loading the Geo-Shell material of your choice.
-- If hiding any part of the Body Jewels, choosing a new material will show the entire suit again. You can simply re-hide the parts you wish to hide (face or body).
-- In order to acheive the smooth look of the breast plate (as shown in the promo images), you will want to zero out all of your nipple morphs.
-- Only Iray Materials are included in this package.

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Software: DAZ Studio 4.9.4 (Needed for G8F/M)

Compatible figures: Genesis 8 Female

Compatible figures: 
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