Kitbashers G3M Socks-001

Kitbashers G3M Socks-001

In the Grand Old Tradition of Model Kitbashing. Kitbashers create their new model by piecing
together items from multiple sources. You might take gloves from one set and Socks from another
set to create a new customized costume. We strive to grow our catalog so that you may find what
you're searching for your kitbashing needs. These sets are comic book-inspired with plans to
expand into other genre such as Sci-Fi. Please feel free to suggest to us what you need... we
may already have it on our list but your response will help put it on top of our schedule.

This set focuses on Super Stockings!
Some heroes or villains have the need for flexibility in their footwear. So these stockings
are what they need. We've added 2 different types of the same cuts... One has a single UV for
easy texturing and the other has multiple zones.

The Sock loads close to G3 Male's skin for your Second-Skin suits. We've included an
adjustment morph that allows you fit over suits (Our "Kitbashers: Bottoms-002" is used for scale)

Included in Pack:
2 Pair of Socks for G3M

Daz Studio 4

Compatible figures: Genesis 3 Male

Compatible figures: 
Accessories for Poser and Daz Studio